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Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) Training

What is it?

If you are testing under Federal Department of Transportation guidelines, training is mandatory and test protocols are fixed.

The U.S. Department of Transportation alcohol testing program requires technicians to be trained according to a specific curriculum [reference 49 CFR Part 40.213(b) (1)]. This curriculum is quite thorough and is also appropriate for non-regulated workplace and industrial alcohol testing programs.

There are two main components to BAT training that are prerequisites for certification. In component 1, the student must be trained on the rules and regulations through a 6 ½ hour classroom lecture (8 hours including lunches and breaks). Refresher BAT students must complete 3 hours of rules and regulations training. Alternatively, component 1 can be accomplished via a video or computer based training program, as long as the program meets the requirements of the BAT Model Course. Component 2 requires the student to demonstrate proficiency in administering an alcohol test using the EBT instrument. The student must perform a minimum of seven mock tests on a live subject using their EBT instrument. These mock tests must be monitored by a qualified instructor.

How Can Bostec Help?

If your breath test instrument(s) is manufactured by Intoximeters - we can help with all your training needs.

Bostec Inc. is an authorized training source for Intoximeters Inc. and our trainer, Rich Bosman, is an Intoximeters "Master Trainer." Rich is certified to train on the Alco Sensor IV, RBTIV, Alco Sensor IV with Memory, Alco Sensor IV @ Work, the Alcomonitor CC, and the new Alco Sensor VXL and RBTVXL.

All our BAT training utilizes the computer based training (CBT) module for component one followed proficiency training which includes the seven mock tests monitoring. The proficiency training is at a central location, our office or, for an additional charge, at your office.

Our goal is not to replace, but to supplement the normal Intoximeters training classes that are scheduled around the nation at various times of the year. Our training prices are exactly the same as the Intoximeters classes, we utilize the factory training curriculum and materials, and students who successfully complete our courses will receive factory certification. Our goal is to increase the training opportunities and make it easier for Intoximeters users to receive the training they need to comply with DOT regulations.

Our workplace classes are designed for the U.S. Department of Transportation alcohol testing program, which requires technicians (operators) to be trained according to a specific curriculum. This curriculum is quite thorough and is appropriate for all workplace, maritime and industrial testing scenarios, whether regulated by DOT, NRC, DOE or USCG.

Course offerings include Instructor Training, a one-day Breath Alcohol Technician/Evidential Breath Tester course (includes Refresher BAT) and a one-day Urine Collector course as well as a Urine Collector Instructor Class.

Remember, all DOT-compliant training has two components:

  1. Rules and Regulations training (on-line) and
  2. Instrument Proficiency training (in-person).

How Can I Get More Information or Sign Up?

We offer classes at our office or on-site for a reasonable travel fee.  We cover the five northwest states and sometimes beyond. For more information please call our office at (360) 354-3325 or email us at

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