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Unless you’re in the law enforcement field you’ve probably never heard about Intoximeters…but you may have heard what the product they produce does.

Dry gas standardIntoximeters is the brand name of an American company that manufactures breath alcohol testing (Breathalyzer) equipment. The equipment is designed to produce evidential grade results (like documenting if a person is driving under the influence). They have been a leader in the breath testing industry since 1945.

Alco Sensor IV, RBTIV, Alco Sensor IV with Memory, Alco Sensor IV at Work, the Alcomonitor CC, Alco Sensor VXL, and RBTVXL are the names of past and present hand-held, portable, and evidential breath test instruments that are used for roadside or data collection breath testing by all kinds of police departments in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Alaska.Intox regulator reusable

The law enforcement officers that administer BAT tests out in the field typically work for municipal, county, state, highway, campus or harbor police departments.

Intoximeters line of handheld fuel cell instruments is the most prolific line of evidential grade alcohol breath test instruments made to date–Bostec Inc. has been a Pacific Northwest resource for equipment and supplies since 1997.

Supplies for law enforcement alcohol & drug testing available online 24/7.

If you have questions about selecting the right breath alcohol testing equipment for the job, Rich Bosman (owner of Bostec Inc.) is a great resource. He was a Washington State Patrol officer for 25 years and he is an Intoximeters “Master Trainer”– Rich is well-versed in the world of breath alcohol equipment and testing.

For more information on purchasing breath alcohol testing equipment or supplies, or various training opportunities, contact Bostec Inc. at (360) 354-3325 or email bostec@bostec.com.

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