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We say it often: Companies must provide a safe and drug-free working environment for their employees. 

If you don’t have a drug-free workplace policy in place, you need to set one up today. If you already have one, now’s a great time to ensure it’s up to date, getting it ready for the new year. 

As the new year approaches, it’s time to get your workplace drug policy in order. 

Why companies should have a workplace drug policy 

Mom-and-pop operations, small businesses with 10 employees and large corporations with hundreds of staff members have a responsibility to provide a safe and drug-free working environment. If you know or suspect drug abuse by someone on your team, your business could have problems if that employee later gets into an accident. 

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with employees about drug tests

In addition, companies that can impact public safety — for example, if your team includes commercial drivers, pilots, heavy equipment operators or mechanics — have an elevated level of liability. 

Well-written policies and a well-documented testing program are critical. 

How to create and enforce drug-free workplace policies 

With local and federal laws regularly in flux, it can be difficult for companies to know just how to position themselves regarding workplace drug and alcohol policies. 

Bostec tracks and monitors changes in governmental regulations, removing that burden from the individual companies we serve. 

Get the policy you need with help from Bostec 

Setting up a well-written drug and alcohol program in your business needn’t be a daunting task. With professional advice from Bostec’s long-time experts — based on decades of experience working in the drug and alcohol testing and training industry — your company can build the policies you need. 

Bostec’s experts also can share advice on whether to (and if so, how) to amend policies based on recent workplace changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as  

As the year draws to a close, contact Bostec to begin the conversation about increasing workplace safety and reducing liability with a custom drug and alcohol policy. 

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