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Policy Consulting for Drug-Free Workplaces

Helping businesses find the right stance on drug policies

“I suspect that my employees might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at work.”

“I worry about the impact of drugs and alcohol on workplace safety.”

“Substance abuse at work is preventing my employees from doing their jobs well.”

Does this sound like you?

Consulting with Bostec helps business owners and department managers just like you feel confident that their drug testing program is set up correctly and that employees are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work.

Our friendly and experienced team works with yours — delivering a level of customer service you won’t find at larger firms in Seattle or other large cities — to train human resources staff and managers to recognize drug and alcohol abuse.

Bostec can ship all the supplies and tools you need to manage an in-house testing program, and we help develop HR policies that comply with state and federal laws.

When you hire Bostec to help set up and manage a workplace drug policy program, you can trust that we will devote all our energy to ensuring that you have accurate testing and reporting in place that help you maintain compliance.

Companies of all sizes must provide a safe and drug-free working environment.

Mom-and-pop operations, small businesses with 10 employees and large corporations with hundreds of staff members have a responsibility to provide a safe and drug-free working environment. If you know or suspect abuse by one of your employees, and that employee later gets into an accident, your business could be facing a whole lot of trouble.

If your company employs workers who can have an impact on public safety, such as commercial drivers, pilots, heavy equipment operators and mechanics, you know that you have an even higher level of liability. You need to have well-written policies in place and a well-documented testing program. Bostec can help!

Creating and enforcing drug-free workplace policies.

With local and federal laws regularly in flux, it can be difficult for organizations like yours to know just how to position themselves regarding workplace drug and alcohol policies.

Bostec tracks and monitors changes in governmental regulations so you don’t have to! We consult with companies throughout the Pacific Northwest – Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington – to help develop a custom HR policy that meets the needs of your organization and also complies with governmental guidelines.

Nearly all companies Bostec works are struggling with marijuana in the workplace.

Despite recreational use of marijuana being legal in Washington state, nearly all companies that Bostec works with opt for HR policies that promote marijuana-free workplaces as a way of reducing workplace liability. That being said, this is a fast-moving and constantly changing field. Studies looking at medicinal benefits vs. safety are ongoing. The future is very uncertain as we discover more good and bad about THC and how it can affect the body.

Get the policy you need now with help from Bostec.

Setting up a well-written drug and alcohol program in your business needn’t be a daunting task. With our professional advice, based on decades in the drug and alcohol testing and training industry, your company will have the HR policies you need.

Contact Bostec to begin the conversation about increasing workplace safety and reducing liability with a custom drug and alcohol policy for your business.


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