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C/TPA Services – Keeping Your Company in Compliance

Our Services Expand Far Beyond Drug Testing

C/TPA Services

Bostec Inc. is more than just a drug testing site. We operate as a Consortium/Third Party Administrator (C/TPA) for many companies that have business headquarters in the Pacific Northwest. We create Federal Drug and Alcohol Policies for our clients, and manage their random drug testing programs, as well as provide audit assistance through supplying drug testing history reports and compliance documentation when requested. We also work closely with NON-DOT companies to customize Drug and Alcohol Policies that fit their workplaces. 

Consortiums: DOT Mandated Testing

All DOT regulated employers must randomly test employees for drugs and alcohol in accordance with regulations. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) annually requires at least 10% of be tested for alcohol, and 50% tested for drugs. By joining a drug testing consortium, companies can join a testing pool with companies of similar size, so no individual company will be responsible for reaching all the annual testing goals alone.  

Because Bostec serves as C/TPA for many companies, our consortiums are large enough to share the testing burden. While we may be a small business, our capabilities in offering full consortium services make us a strong competitor in the world of C/TPAs. Like other C/TPAs, we use an FMCSA compliant database program to generate random selections.

NON-DOT Random Testing Program Management

We also have a dozen non-federal companies who use our NON-DOT random selection pool to test their employees. This is a fair, neutral practice that allows employers to ensure they are working with employees who are abiding by their company’s policy regarding a Drug Free Workplace

The Perks of Working with a Local Company

What makes us different is that, because we are local and small, we personally email and call employers to notify them of their company’s current random selection. We can also quickly set up testing sites in other states for employees who are on the road and troubleshoot if something doesn’t go as planned. We are proud to serve as a Designated Employer Representative (DER) for owner/operator companies, and we personally call them in for testing when they are randomly selected.

If you’re located in the Pacific Northwest, it makes sense to work with a local TPA, instead of a large administrator that’s located on the east coast, with hours of operation that are out of sync with local business hours, and a maze of automated phone options when you need to speak with someone.  Our small staff does our best to answer every phone call we receive during the week. We provide after-hours services, and we work with employers who are trying to get their randomly selected employees in for testing before a deadline.

 If your business is located in Washington State, we hope you’ll consider signing up with us so we can manage your Drug Testing Program.

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