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How to help teens stop using drugs

photo-1415757535587-d63c927f6f37No parent dreams of a future for their child that includes drug use, so learning that your teenager has been experimenting with drugs like marijuana, hallucinogens or heroin can be shocking and scary.

Know that you are not alone and that you have come to the right place for information and help with getting your child back on the right track.

Please read this article about why teenagers and young adults try drugs.

Whatcom County teens can come to our Lynden, WA office where trained staff will facilitate fast and accurate drug screening tests. In most cases results are shared immediately and a printed report is sent home for your review.

For those that live out of the area, or for those that would prefer to administer drug screening tests in the privacy of their own home, 5 and 10 panel urine test cups can be purchased at our office or via our online store—we’ll ship the supplies to your door.

At Bostec Inc. we understand that in most cases the teens we see are good kids that come from great families. We’re proud to offer products and services that help everyone get back on the right track.


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