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All DOT Random Drug Testing Programs should use methods that are scientifically verifiable and unbiased, with each employee having an equal chance of being tested every time a random selection is made.

Bostec Inc. uses a software program called RandomWare, created by Luciano Gonzales, a California-based software developer. The program provides Consortium/Third Party Administrators (C/TPAs) with management resources including random selection utilities, personnel rosters, notification platforms, consortium grouping, testing statistics, and audit information.

Most importantly, RandomWare meets 49CFR Part 382.305 (i) that states the selection method must be scientifically valid, which can be accomplished by using a random number table or a computer-based random number generator.

What Does the DOT Require of Random Drug Testing Programs?

All companies that fall under DOT regulations must have their active employees enrolled in a random drug testing program. Consortium management like that offered by Bostec Inc. can put small and medium sized companies into a ‘pool’ with similar sized companies where the burden of testing is equally distributed among the group.

Since the DOT FMCSA requires 50% of employees to be drug tested annually and 10% to be tested for alcohol, it makes sense to join with a consortium where smaller companies with a handful of employees can unite with many other companies to share the selection process.

Luciano Gonzales – Creator of RandomWare

Gonzales’ software program utilizes a number generator that adheres to distribution requirements set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Simply put, RandomWare’s process doesn’t leave room for bias. Gonzales’ simplification of the random selection process began as a student, where his aptitude for mathematical probability and statistics led to a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics at Humbolt University. His focus on numerical analysis and computer-generated solutions eventually took him to the University of California, Santa Barbara, for graduate studies.

After university, Gonzelez’ began a career as a developer in the CAD/CAM software industry. In 1995, Gonzalez started development on a RandomWare suite of desktop applications, which culminated in his creation in 2006 of DrugTestNetwork.com, an internet-based management application.

Consider Having Bostec Inc. Manage your Random Program 

When Bostec Inc. manages an employer’s random drug testing program using a fully vetted program like RandomWare, it removes responsibility from the employer. Many of our clients have found it much easier to outsource their random testing program instead of trying to organize it directly. You can have confidence in our random selection methods and the fair practices we are committed to.

For more information on computer-based random number generation and the science behind its impartiality, you can read an article from RandomWare.com.

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