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Bostec Inc. in Lynden, WA –  Your Local  Drug & Alcohol Testing Site

Locally Owned and Operated

Bostec Inc. does a lot more than you might expect from a small business tucked into a quaint lineup of shops and restaurants in Lynden, Washington: Our company, which started in 1994, conducts drug and alcohol testing for over 400 companies annually. Many of our clients are in federally regulated transportation industries and rely on us to perform collections using methods that meet strict federal standards.  

Bostec’ s Collection Site Offers Numerous Testing Options 

Our friendly staff is trained to administer the test that best fits your needs such as urine collections for lab testing; breath-alcohol testing, hair follicle collections, oral swab testing, and rapid-result 5-minute urine screening. 

Big Rigs Welcome, & Minimal Wait Times 

Bostec Inc. is fast and accurate: Our location offers ample parking for commercial trucks, and we welcome walk-ins. Most customers spend less than 15 minutes at our site, from start to finish – a significant perk when you choose to work with a local business. When your employees spend less time waiting, they have more time to fulfill their job duties.  

Is Your Company in Need of a Collection Site in Another City? 

We have a network of collection sites all over the U.S. If you have a job candidate located across the country who needs a pre-employment test, or a driver on the road who needs to take a random test, we will contact a collection site in that area and confirm that they are a knowledgeable testing location and able to perform the required tests so time isn’t wasted. 

Credentialed Staff 

Our team has completed a significant credentialing process: Each member of our staff adheres to the Department of Transportation (DOT) testing regulations as set forth in 49 CFR, Part 40. All Bostec staff are certified urine drug screen collectors in compliance with DOT regulations, as well as certified Breath Alcohol Technicians, and have participated in continuing education classes through the National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association (NDASA). We comply with all certification renewal guidelines.  

On-Site Testing Available  

Bostec Inc. can even perform collections at your worksite, which cuts down on lost work time, scheduling obstacles, and overall hassle which can feel like a big drawback to following Department of Transportation (DOT) drug testing regulations.  

Employer Advocate 

We also work with numerous businesses that are not in the transportation industry, such as clients in hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, and agriculture. Whether you simply need a one-time drug test for an employee or are interested in making Bostec Inc. your company’s primary drug testing site and program administrator, we will tailor our services to meet your needs. While we often provide our full range of third-party administrative services to our clients, we understand that sometimes all that’s needed is a drug screen or a breath-alcohol test, and we’re happy to offer unbundled services so you can select exactly what you need.  

What can Bostec Inc. do to help?

Our experienced program staff can set up all the components necessary for your company to begin a workplace drug and alcohol testing program.

Contact our Lynden, WA drug testing office or fill out this form today to see how we can help.


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