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As a service company, Bostec’s primary aim is to help other businesses. We do that by taking a complicated aspect of the workplace — drug policies and testing — and making it simple. 

That frees up business leaders to focus on their core strengths. Companies can focus on what they do best, trusting Bostec to handle issues related to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration compliance, Department of Transportation testing, workplace drug and alcohol policies, and more. 

Over the years, Bostec has helped hundreds of companies throughout Whatcom County and up and down the Interstate 5 corridor, and it is gratifying to hear business leaders recognize the value of our work. 

“Regulations are complex, and there are constant changes, but Bostec is always on top of it all,” said Peter L. of Lynden-based Simple Box in a recent review, “and we have peace of mind knowing we are operating within compliance to federal and state regulations.” 

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Another local company, TC Trans, of Blaine, relies on Bostec for support in managing the complicated drug and alcohol requirements of international shipping and logistics. The company does its job well because leaders can trust Bostec to handle drug and alcohol screening.

“This service is one of the reasons that we can continue to hire good drivers,” said Angie H., the TC Trans compliance coordinator. “We have been satisfied clients of Bostec for many years. We could not imagine using any other service, because we are fortunate enough that we have access to the best!” 

How Bostec helps local companies 

Bostec helps business in Whatcom County and beyond in several ways: 

  • We set up workplace testing programs and train company staff to conduct those programs. Our experienced program staff will set up all the components necessary for your company to conduct a successful workplace drug and alcohol testing program. 
  • We assist companies with the implementation of existing drug testing programs, offering a convenient location for random or scheduled employee drug tests. 
  • We help companies mitigate liability related to employees using drugs or alcohol at work or during off-hours activities. 
  • We help companies stay in compliance with Department of Transportation regulations. If your company is under the oversight of the DOT, Bostec will work to ensure that your training program meets the strict criteria set by DOT regulations. 
  • We help business owners and supervisors feel confident that employees are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at work. We train company leaders to recognize drug and alcohol abuse and help develop drug-free workplace policies that comply with state and federal laws. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you run a company that needs drug testing or drug policy, Bostec can help. 

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“Bostec has been invaluable in training us on all things related to CDL and the changing government regulations,” said Corrie K., of Brim Tractor, in a recent review. “We have attended their training sessions, which have been extremely helpful for our staff. Managing workplace drug testing for multiple dealerships over two states can be challenging, but Bostec has been a trusted and reliable partner along the way!” 

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