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When it comes to the federal government, it’s not wise to mess around.

The federal Department of Transportation has a long list of training requirements for breath-alcohol technicians, and they apply to most businesses operating in shipping, trucking, aviation, busing, public transportation, train transport and more.

Simply, the DOT requires that businesses operating in these industries conduct regular, random drug and alcohol testing of their employees.

What’s more, it’s important to get the process perfectly right, every time. The process is not always simple and easy, and potential problems are many. A few examples of what a good breath alcohol technician (BAT) needs to be prepared for are:

  • An employee might accuse you of your tests not actually being random. Are you certain that you have the processes in place to defend your system?
  • What happens if you discipline or fire an employee for a failed test? Are you prepared to handle the consequences if the employee sues you over your handling of the drug test?
  • There’s always the possibility of enforcement by the federal Department of Transportation, which jumps in when errors are made in testing. According to DOT regulations, even the use of the wrong form in the testing process can grounds for disciplinary action — often in the form of four-figure fines — being taken by the government.
  • On top of that, there’s a long list of errors or mistakes that might occur in the testing process that will result in the test itself being cancelled.

DOT drug free workplace testingIt’s not extraordinarily difficult to be a great breath alcohol technician. It just requires great people skills, attention to detail, adherence to best practices, and good, consistent training from a qualified, experienced trainer.

Bostec has been handling these trainings for years and is among the best in the business. Our certified Master Trainer travels all over the Pacific Northwest giving these trainings; our team has the experience to help your BAT employees be at their absolute best.

If your industry is under regulation by the DOT and thus required to conduct breath-alcohol tests in the workplace (if you’re not sure, click here to find out), contact Rich today to ensure your employees are trained well and not putting your company at risk.

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