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A heart for service.

When you are in the service industry, like Bostec is, it’s a good mindset to have.

Rich Bosman, founder and CEO of Bostec has devoted his life to service — in his 25-year career at the Washington State Patrol, in his subsequent founding and operation of Bostec, in his police chaplaincy, and now in a new venture, as a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary with a master’s degree in Theology and Biblical Studies.

Even before his graduation, Bosman was a lay pastor at Cornwall Church in Bellingham, occasionally performing a wedding or funeral or leading a Bible study. Now, as Bosman and his employees continue to develop Bostec as a leading drug testing company and workplace drug policy service based in Whatcom County, he can simultaneously develop another passion — service in the ministry.

“It is important to me to always be open to learning of more ways to be of service in the workplace and to society,” Bosman says. “You are never too old to learn. This degree allows me to pursue more opportunities in ministry as my employees and I continue to grow Bostec.”Ministry

The COVID-19 pandemic, with its slower pace of business, gave Bosman the opportunity to spend more time with his team, helping them learn and understand the value of Bostec’s work and position in the community. More than ever, Bostec’s employees have incorporated the DNA of the company into their own work ethic, and they are striving hard to continue growing the company both in size and in service.

It’s a goal many business owners dream of, Bosman says — training employees to take on more responsibility and manage more of the day-to-day work to free up the owner to pursue higher-level company growth while also following additional passions.

The slower pace of the pandemic gave Bosman the rare opportunity to take time to develop a robust business plan for future development at the company.

“We are in a growth mindset right now at Bostec, both professionally and personally,” Bosman says. “As a service company, we are always looking at ways we can better serve our community and the businesses that make it thrive.”

The company has recently hired additional staff to take on more customers, and more are on the way. Bostec continues to offer DOT drug testing and drug policy consulting and sells BAT testing supplies on its website. Bostec also is a leader in breath alcohol technician training in the Pacific Northwest.

As the pandemic recedes into the past, Bosman is thankful for the opportunity to grow — as a person and as a company — and is excited for what the future holds.

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